The Slow Session takes place every Sunday afternoon from 3-5 PM at the  location shown on the home page of this website. All Celtic musicians, especially beginners, are welcome. Check this Web Site ( ) for the latest schedule and location. (There is also a link on the Celtic Arts Center Web Site, if you forget the URL).

The Slow Session plays session tunes at a slower than normal tempo in a friendly, learning atmosphere for beginners and for those who prefer to play at a slower pace. We take turns choosing the tunes, so everybody gets to play their favorites, or whatever they wish to learn.

In order to assist in the learning process this Web Site has many popular session tunes in sheet music form, for those who prefer it, and in midi form (at slow and normal speed) for learning by ear (which is the best way to learn Celtic Music).

We would welcome help from experienced musicians also.

We also have an E-mail list for reminders and other Session information – please send E-mail to to join the list, or for information on the Slow Session.